Emmy Winning Duo to Launch Mystery Themed NFT Collection

Emmy Winning Duo to Launch Mystery Themed NFT Collection

In 2021, NFTs experienced tremendous adoption from hundreds of thousands of retail users as well as numerous celebrities and artists. One of the newest joiners of the sector is StudioNX, a visual development house run by Adam Jeffcoat and Jim Bryson.

According to an official announcement, the duo will launch the first drop of the murder mystery-themed Gorecats on February 4, an NFT collection that will be later developed in an animated series. 

Jeffcoat and Bryson are visual development and IP creation professionals who have produced animated shows, comics, and commercials for companies, such as Marvel, Disney, Funko, Amazon Studios, and Nickelodeon. In 2015, the duo won an Emmy Award for the pilot episode of the animated comic ‘Niko and the Sword of Light’, which successfully ran on Amazon Prime for two seasons.

As StudioNX’s entry to the non-fungible token sector, Gorecats is a bold, bizarre, and extremely bloody NFT collection inspired by, in their own words, ‘its creators’ twisted minds and hilarious horror movies like Gremlins and the Evil dead.

‘Our NFT collection had to feel like it was part of something bigger — similar to Funko POP! figurines, where you would instantly recognize the characters, and therefore want to collect them all. With Gorecats, Jim and I have captured our love of pop culture, gruesome horror — and, of course, cute pixel-art cats,’ — commented Adam Jeffcoat, the CEO, and founder of StudioNX.

According to Jeffcoat and Bryson, Gorecats will offer users more than typical digital collectibles. They are a part of a larger storyline, where the duo invites NFT holders to investigate a criminal case. By studying the crime scene in their interactive murder mystery comic with clues hidden on the creators’ official social media and Discord channels, users can receive NFT rewards and promotions. Furthermore, staking Gorecats gives a chance for NFT holders to unlock one of 99 rare animated Zombie Gorecats.

The first Gorecats drop will take place on February 4, 2022, on Solana’s Magic Eden Launchpad and consist of 1,111 NFTs. According to the creators’ schedule, the current event will be followed by two more drops over the next six months. Interestingly, each collection represents a new chapter of the horror trilogy that will unravel until all NFTs are released to the public.

As the next stage on the project’s roadmap, StudioNX plans to develop a full-fledged IP around the characters. ‘The grand plan is to make Gorecats into an animated TV show with fan input into animation, comics, and merchandise’, added Jeffcoat.

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