How to Protect your Bitcoin Against Hacks

How to Protect your Bitcoin Against Hacks

Due to Bitcoins being one of the popular digital assets, everyone has a keen interest in it. The ongoing popularity of Bitcoins seems on the side, but in-depth stories of theft and breaches are hidden. It’s very risky enough to put money in such a market, and hence the security of bitcoin makes many people worry. This article will help you know how to protect your bitcoins against hacks.

How to protect your bitcoin from hackers

Bitcoin directly getting hacked seems impossible because bitcoin was developed on blockchain technology. But when you want to sell or buy it, you use a wallet. And these accounts are more vulnerable to hackers.

If you follow the cryptocurrency world, you have probably heard about the hacking of bitcoins worth of dollars using a victim’s phone number. Having all this stuff in mind, you know it is very important to protect your bitcoin. Here are a few ways to protect your bitcoins against hacks.

Choose a strong password.

Many people use a strong password to safeguard their cryptocurrency. But some of us may ignore this and get trapped by hackers. Having a similar password for every account is a fool’s errand. Because if your email account and other account have an identical password, then hackers can get into your bitcoin’s details in just a sec. That’s why to protect your bitcoins against hacks; it is a compulsion to choose a different and robust password for protecting your wallet.

Bitcoins stored in your wallet’s password must be reset time and again, along with a strong password, and turn on two-factor authentication.

Select trusted E-Wallet

Besides choosing a strong password, selecting a trusted E-Wallet is more important. Online wallet “E-wallet” is like a bank account for cryptocurrency. Whenever you buy bitcoins or sell them, you need to use a digital wallet. Despite their safety precautions against hackers, digital exchanges are still susceptible to hacking.

Types of wallet

 There are different types of wallets available; choose any of them according to your needs. Compared to the PayPal account, the cloud wallet is the best one. Cloud wallet is accessible from both mobile and desktop. From Paypal, you can store and exchange money from a bank account. PayPal gives you direct access to your account so you can pay for items directly. For the beginner who doesn’t have any bitcoin, a cloud wallet can help.

The next one is a physical(hardware) wallet that is similar to a USB flash drive in which you can easily keep all your private keys. Once your work gets complete, you can disconnect these wallets from the internet-enabled computers, and this facility reduces the chance of hackers accessing your information.

 Having lost your private key, you will never be able to retrieve the contents of your wallets. And if someone gets your private key, all your bitcoins will be lost. So, keep your hardware wallet and backup key in a different and safe place.

 And for those who are into bitcoin transactions, over ten thousand dollars per month need to use Paper Wallet. Paper Wallet is the cheapest and safest way to protect your bitcoin.Created by web platforms like WalletGenerator or BitAddress, Paper Wallet is a type of electronic wallet. These applications generate the bitcoin address and private keys, which you can print.

Only use a personal computer and secured wifi.

Public wifi and Public computers are never safe. Even though how much hurry you are, never ever use public computers to access the bitcoins information. Whenever you have to check bitcoin information, make sure you use a secured and private network with your own personal computers. If you use the public computer that every other person uses, then hackers can quickly get into it.

Enable Multi-Signature

You can specify how many signatures you would like to configure during wallet creation. Multi-Signature is the same as two-factor authentication. When multi-signature is on, hackers need additional keys beside the private key. Even though hackers have private keys, they can’t access your bitcoin information.

 These multiple signatures can be from your other own device, your trusted person, or your business partner. However, the multi-signature feature is not available on every wallet, and Blocktrail and Coinbase are the types of bitcoins wallets that support multiple signatures.

Don’t discuss your crypto holdings in public.

The less you discuss your bitcoin information publicly, the less chance your information will be exposed. So keep your bitcoin investment a secret. Discussing the bitcoin business and making fun and gossiping whenever you find another crypto fan is enjoyable, but it is risky. Don’t be so vocal about your information in public and crowded places as you are unaware of who keeps an eye on you. Be smart and be safe.

Use trusted exchanges

Trusting someone without going in-depth will definitely lead you to fraud. You need to search about the company’s history and watch their review.

 Decentralization cryptocurrency exchanges have no access to a private key. There is a low chance of getting your decentralization exchange hacked. But if your machine gets hacked, then all your currency will be gone. It allows for simple peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading. However, it is more difficult to use.

The next one is the centralization exchange. This is good in case your computer gets hacked. In a centralized exchange, you allow the exchange to take care of the security of your funds on your behalf. Using a centralized exchange, you can exchange cryptocurrency for real currency.

How to recover stolen cryptocurrency

Unfortunately, once your cryptocurrency gets hacked, it’s gone, and you can’t recover that. The only thing hackers need to access your bitcoins information is the private key, and your 256-bit private key protects all your invested money and sensitive data.

Thatswhy you need to protect your private key because once it gets in the hand of hackers, your currency will be at risk in a matter of seconds.


 One thing that puts everyone in a dilemma is whether to invest in bitcoin or not is the fear of hacking and lack of information. Once your bitcoin gets hacked, then it’s gone for good. Therefore every other investor needs to know how to protect your bitcoins against hacks.

After implementing the tips mentioned above and tricks, your Bitcoin will be safeguarded as it puts an extra security layer. And then, you can freely get the benefit of cryptocurrency.

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