Play-To-Earn NFT Cricket Game – The New Mix of Metaverse Cricket

Play-To-Earn NFT Cricket Game - The New Mix of Metaverse Cricket


Cricket has been an emotion for youngsters right from the day it has been in existence. What! Is this so cool? Yea, you wouldn’t have heard a better game in this world. Haha, don’t fool me out! Nope, this game is so crazy that it has been played far away from the modern world. The hype has not yet faded. It has been there from the time of Gavaskar, Sachin, Dhoni, Kohli, and now even Pant. All of them have been at their best and are known for their various actions. This has made people to experience the wellness of the game.

And now, the game is getting even higher. Yes, is launching its cricket league on metaverse this season. Woww! Is there an opportunity to register? Of course, they are making an NFT drop this April, and those who are buying NFTs from them will get to play the league.

Since you have learned a few things about cricket NFT and want to know more about this exclusive opportunity, continue with this article.

Play-To-Earn NFT Games

People in some developing countries, such as Brazil, Indonesia, and the Philippines, quickly accepted play-to-earn NFT games since the money received from such games was more than what they could make from full-time work. When you add in the global pandemic and the resulting protracted lockdowns, these NFT games were extremely popular, and many individuals made gaming their full-time job. This has gotten to the point where someone has started to mention P2E NFT games as their sole source of income.

However, depending on your skill level, a P2E NFT cricket game may possibly return your investment in a short period of time if played consistently. After that, all of the prizes earned are turned into earnings, resulting in a guaranteed passive income. Such an income may exist at any time, given that there would be a dynamic in-game economy, as we’ve seen with today’s blockchain-based NFT games. Even if someone decides to quit the NFT cricket game at any time for whatever reason, the NFTs they have can be simply traded within the game’s Metaverse.

Furthermore, play-to-earn NFT games have thus far revolved around warfare, racing, and sports. Axie Infinity, the Sandbox, Sorare, and Faraland are just a few of the well-known NFT games, with many more causing a stir among devoted gamers.

Sign Up and Fund your Wallet

Metaverse is launching a cricket league, and it is open to all. To grab this opportunity, you need to participate in the NFT cricket drop that is happening this April. The drop is available in the Jump.Trade marketplace and other details regarding the marketplace are not yet revealed, which makes it an added opportunity for the cricket fanatics. You are a few steps away from something incredible. Yes, sign up and fund your wallet to taste the hype of cricket NFTs. Get ready to march to your success with the gamified cricket NFTs.

What does the Super Loot Hold?

The super loot has been assured with exclusive items such as metaverse cricket team players’ NFT or metaverse cricket team players NFT + authenticated signed digital NFTs of legends. The super loot is simply enough to pique the interest of new NFT fans and a select group of NFT collectors who understand the sport’s significance. However, any NFT collector should be aware that many of the projects they passed up have gone on to be big successes, and some of them are now trying to sell their NFTs for exorbitant rates.

An NFT enthusiast should also be aware of how in-game assets-based NFTs are gaining traction in the leading NFT exchanges. Take, for example, the Axie Infinity or Decentraland gaming ecosystems. In-game properties from these ecosystems are frequently listed at high prices on prominent NFT marketplace sites, and bidders may be fighting hard battles (often harder than the actual combat) to get their hands on a new Axie monster or a plot of land. It’s also worth remembering that during the NFT boom, someone paid $4.3 million for a block of land on Decentraland.

Investing in the Super Loot NFT drop would be a good idea even if an NFT collector does not understand the sport of cricket or is unaware of all of the laws of the sport for a variety of reasons. The main reason for this is because there are a lot of cricket and gaming fans out there who would join the Meta Cricket League or look for NFTs before the second drop if they saw the benefits of the NFTs available. Regardless of whether customers prefer to sell on the spot or HODL (crypto jargon for “Hold” or abbreviation for “Hold On for Dear Life”), the monetary and popularity indexes for these NFT collectibles would undoubtedly climb.

NFT collectors can also engage with cricket enthusiasts and grow their passion for the sport, as the developers have revealed that the Meta Cricket League NFT cricket game will serve as the foundation for the first Metaverse for cricket. This opens the door for the sport to grow in popularity in additional parts of the world.

What’s the Future?

The future is said to be absolutely incredible as they are on the hands on the online cricket game. As the name implies, play-to-earn has widened the opportunity to play and earn rewards on the whole. You could be the one who is going to achieve the exciting rewards as a winner. The NFTs that you receive can be sold for billions on the marketplace itself. You could be a well-settled one with all the facilities of a marketplace. Start your play with the NFT drop this April and mark your success in the metaverse league.


World’s First Play to Earn NFT Cricket Game would lead your way to exciting rewards and other things that you deserve. When you bag the opportunity, your place is registered, and you are an owner of a legacy. Start your game and make your team. Each and every step you take will lead you to success. Drop-in during the sale and grab the opportunity of a lifetime.