Waterman Bates Review – Broker Launches Its New Crypto Trading Platform

Waterman Bates Review - Broker Launches Its New Crypto Trading Platform

With the development of the crypto industry, we all came to the realization that the market desperately needs more reliable options for retail traders. The influx of new enthusiasts that make the community feel vibrant and energetic is also one of the reasons why some established platforms fail to deliver a good experience to all these new investors who do not have any prior exposure to the complex technology behind cryptocurrencies.

This phenomenon creates two distinct issues for the whole industry:

  1. Many people are investing blindly without having any information that would improve their analytical approach to the process of putting money into projects that may have questionable prospects or even motives.
  2. Those who make informed decisions are often exposed to risks associated with cyber security, insufficient regulation, and inexperienced brokerage service providers that may not have the necessary expertise to build a good platform.

The announcement by Waterman Bates

An established provider in the world of financial markets Waterman Bates makes a huge step toward expanding its horizons and adding value to the crypto industry. By allowing thousands of its clients to tap into the exciting potential of crypto assets that have been dominating the public discourse for a long while, the company aims at creating an environment that will be completely unaffected by the two issues mentioned above.

The product’s core is access to financial instruments and derivatives based on digital assets circulating in the crypto industry. However, it is only the core. Waterman Bates states that “the whole industry requires to be more transparent and reliable” and that “Waterman Bates emphasizes the importance of delivering its financial products together with complimentary features and services that would provide the necessary analytical tools to its clients”.

The current approach of Waterman Bates to deploying its new platform will bring many issues to the forefront and try to deal with them adequately and on par with what the best companies in the market are already doing.

  • The lack of useful information is the first problem that is addressed within the new initiative by Waterman Bates. The official website of Waterman Bates is already expanded with informational articles and guides about the world of crypto with much of the content prepared by industry-leading experts.
  • Safety is one of the biggest points of focus for Waterman Bates. The existing web infrastructure was revamped to ensure that new features have additional levels of protection since the shift to dealing with crypto assets brings new challenges to the table.
  • The trading platform remains mostly the same with the addition of new financial instruments to ensure that clients unfamiliar with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies have a chance to explore them without feeling left out or confused with the new functionality introduced by Waterman Bates.

Where Waterman Bates sees itself in the nearest future

The company has a perfectly sound plan to continuously expand its presence in the world of crypto. It is the most promising branch of the global economy with many corporations and multinational brands already expanding their product lines with NFT-based loyalty programs, new tokens, and web 3.0 features.

Waterman Bates will be in the foremost echelon of companies that will bring more attention to the industry and allow its clients to explore the world of cryptocurrencies without the many risks often associated with it. The company plans to roll out updates and new improvements regularly to ensure that their product delivers a satisfying experience to all users who want to partake in the development of Decentralized Finance.

With its strong focus determined and plans mapped out, Waterman Bates wants to strongly focus on the future of the whole industry and its place among brands that will be building new exciting products and features for the crypto community and retail traders who are used to working with other financial instruments and may be at the beginning of their investment careers regarding the world of crypto assets.