What is the Best Way to Buy Bitcoin in India

What is the Best Way to Buy Bitcoin in India

As the world is constantly evolving with technologies, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more accessible . Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency across the world. After the Covid 19 pandemic, bitcoin was emerged as a highly great investment alternative among the investors. So in this article I will tell you the easiest way to buy bitcoin in india and how you can buy bitcoin in india online.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an decentralized digital form of currency that can be purchased, sold and exchange without any intermediary such as banks without any interference of government. It was launched by Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2009 and it is the first cryptocurrency that is ever made or established. There are several ways by which you can buy bitcoins in India and these exchanges operates 24/7 whole year.

How you can buy Bitcoin in India ?

If you are planning to buy bitcoins in India then you must have the following criteria checked-

  1. The investor should have their Aadhaar Card and PAN Card which is submitted at the time of account creation. After submission of these documents the investor should complete their KYC.
  • After the account has been created successfully the investor have to place the order on the cryptocurrency exchanges. There are digital platforms through which you can purchase bitcoins. These are Coindesk, ZebPay, Coindesk etc.
  • To purchase the bitcoin , te investor can do their payments from the bank accounts via debit card, credit card, NEFT, RTGS etc.
  • After purchasing you can simply store the cryptocurrency in your wallet.

From where you can buy Bitcoins ?

To buy cryptocurrency or bitcoin in specific you can go through the platforms such as Zebpay, Coindesk or Coin base. These are the platforms which allows users to purchase bitcoins at the market price. You can also use international debit cards to purchase bitcoin on these exchanges. You can also download the mobile apps for trading the cryptocurrencies which are compatible with both Android or Ios.

4 Best Platforms you can use to buy bitcoin in india online are –

– Zebpay – It’s an trusted app which can be used to buy cryptocurrency online such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin etc. Their 98% of storage is cold which provide high level of security.

– Paxful

It’s a Peer to Peer marketplace for cryptocurrency which provides various offers by sellers. It charges transaction fee based upon your wallet. This charge is small if you are using Paxful Wallet.

– Coinswitch Kuber is a mobile only app in India which offers 80 plus  cryptocurrencies to buy.  You can purchase cryptocurrency with as little as just Rs 100 and payments can be done via UPI, Debit Card, Credit Card, Bank Transfer etc.

– Binance is a globally known in P2P cryptocurrency trading. It doesn’t charge for your deposits and as you trade more and more your rank increases to VIP which allows you to have lesser trading fee.

Remember to complete your KYC process in order to buy, sell or exchange bitcoins. The PAN card should be connected to the Bank Account to withdraw the amount in your bank account. 

The Minimum Amount to Invest in Bitcoin?

There is no minimum limit if investing in Bitcoins or Cryptocurrency. It’s not compulsory to buy 1 bitcoin as it’s price is high, you can purchase small unit also. After successful account opening you can add the money in your wallet and purchase bitcoins with the minimum amount of just rs 10. The Bitcoins are stored in a Blockchain  wallet. It also store keys for transactions , encryption and the information needed to sign in.

There are 2 types of wallet-

  1. Cold Wallet is a wallet which works offline and user private keys are stored in it. These wallet have generally high level of security as they do not store information digitally.
  • Hot Wallet are those which works online with the internet connectivity. These wallets are common and allows user to bu, sell tokens across the internet. There are 3 kind of hot wallets- Desktop Wallet, Web Wallet and Mobile Wallet.

You should always get the proper information about the bitcoins and the crypto market. You can do research about bitcoins on different websites and their analysis. Investors can also check from the different apps from which they can buy the cryptocurrency or bitcoin. User experience should be great , and you should be able to learn ample of things while using that app. As there are many apps which provides great refer and earn option and signup bonuses.

I hope that you have learned something new from this article and has got every possible information regarding the best way to buy bitcoin online in India. Trade at your own risk as we are not responsible for any loss or profit.

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